How to Choose a Propane Provider

When you decide to make the switch to propane, one of the first steps is choosing a provider. Propane providers are not interchangeable. In reality, their services can vary quite drastically, so there are several factors you should consider when selecting the right propane company for your needs. As you weigh you options, keep these factors in mind.


Your propane company’s safety record should be a primary concern for you. Ask all of the providers you are considering about their records and the safety programs that they have in place. Every company should be able to provide you with a complete account of their safety record as well as references to back up those records and proof of their enrollment in outside safety initiatives and of safety initiatives within their own company. Be wary of any propane provider who isn’t willing or able to discuss safety with you at length.

State Regulatory Agencies

The propane industry is regulated by state agencies. Find the agency in your area and use their resources to find information about the different providers. Generally, the state regulatory agency will be able to provide safety information about propane providers. You can also speak to a representative from your state regulatory board. Although representatives can’t recommend specific companies, they can provide facts about the companies in your state that could guide your decision.

Company Policies

The policies of the providers you are considering should also factor into your decision. Are you happy with the pricing, fees, billing style, and procedures for dealing with issues such as running out of gas or experiencing a leak? Don’t choose a provider who doesn’t fit your budget or service preferences.

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