About Us

About Us

Barnett’s Propane, LLC has been serving the propane needs of Southern Arizona since 1963.  Family owned and operated, we are committed to providing you with friendly, professional, and reliable propane service. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value at the fairest price. We service residences, restaurants, businesses, retail, and RV Parks. We are your local propane company!

Mission Statement

When we started this company over 50 years ago, we vowed then to always provide the best service with the most knowledgeable and professional staff and the most competitive prices in Southern Arizona.  We have always had safety as our number one priority.  Propane is not just our legacy; it is our Passion. It is something we take very seriously. We will keep your family warm on the cold nights and help with the BBQ’s on those long summer days. Thank you for trusting your family with ours.


  • "Great customer service! We are so happy since switching companies."Angela N., .

  • "We have had your service since 1998. Always well satisfied with every aspect. People care, promptness, etc."Jack T., .

  • "You have great service & wonderful employees – could not be better."Maralyn P., .

  • "The delivery drivers always helpful."Ken G., .


Our employees are here to help with your every propane need and answer any questions you may have.

  • Roger E. Barnett
    Roger E. Barnett Roger E. Barnett was born in Bisbee, Arizona in 1942.
  • Troy Barnett
    Troy Barnett Troy E. Barnett is an Arizona native and has lived in Sierra Vista since 1963.
Roger E. Barnett

Roger E. Barnett

Roger E. Barnett was born in Bisbee, Arizona in 1942. His father, George, was a miner for a copper mine. George also owned a Gas Station and Feed Store in which Roger worked at throughout the years growing up in Bisbee. As young as the age of 13, Roger was often left alone to run the store while his father was working at the mine or out delivering feed. At the age of 15, Roger supervised 5 men crews in the offloading of rail cars of feed. The 30 to 40 ton cars would arrive once week and would have to be offloaded onto trucks and driven 2 blocks to the feed store and then restacked. When Roger finally got his drivers license it was his job to drive the 1955 International R-180 that pulled a flat bed trailer to pick up feed. He would leave Bisbee on Sunday afternoon and drive 225 miles to Phoenix, AZ and sleep until the morning. He was the first one in line upon opening and would help load the trailer with the feed that didn’t make it on the rail cars. He would drive to the hay fields and load the rest of the trailer with hay. It was here that he found out the importance of securing your load. This lesson would be the first of many lessons Roger learned as it relates to the towing industry. His work at the gas station and feed store is where he learned the value of dedication, hard work and service. It is also here that Roger learned that sometimes a person needs to keep many irons in the fire to keep the flame hot. 

Upon graduation from Bisbee High School, Roger got married and went to work full time at the mines. He still helped with the feed store and gas station and when the opportunity came to manage a gas station in another town Roger said yes, but only under one condition. He wanted to place a tow truck at the station. So he and his father George went to Phoenix looking for a used tow truck. It was here that Roger was given some good advice. He was told by an old tower not to buy anything used. The old timer told Roger that he didn’t need to have a piece of junk that also needed to be towed but start out with a new unit that was dependable and reliable. Roger bought a new truck with his father co-signing for it. In August 1963, Roger managed the gas station, towed vehicles and drove 60 miles a day to work at the mines. This went on for several years and then an opening came up to work as a Deputy Sheriff for the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (part of the area of patrol is the historic town of Tombstone, AZ). The Sheriff’s job paid less money but Roger took the job because the wear and tear and cost of driving 60 miles a day made up for the lower wage. Roger’s decision to become a deputy actually enhanced the towing business. He would respond and investigate accidents and make arrests during his shift. The competing tow companies were less than reliable and if the vehicle was still on the side of the road after his police shift was over he would go out and tow the vehicle to the yard. This made for some fun moments when a person got out of jail and came to get his car and found out the deputy was also the tow truck driver.

Roger added a fuel oil delivery truck and delivered fuel oil to the local trailer parks. This addition was actually the start of a division equally as productive as Rogers towing business. Barnett’s Propane LLC currently services over 3000 Residential and hundreds of Commercial Accounts. The Propane division has 6 Propane Delivery Trucks, 2 Flatbed Trucks with Knuckle Boom Cranes, and 7 Propane Tractor-Trailer Transports. 

In 1977, Roger expanded the Towing Business to Tucson, AZ. He opened the door with a 1972 Peterbilt COE, Holmes 750 Heavy Duty Tow Truck. At that time there were 5 other Heavy Duty Tow Companies in Tucson. After one year in Tucson, Barnett’s became the only Tow Company the State Police would use because of the dedication, hard work and good service. Within that year, 2 more Heavy Duty Tow Trucks were added. Expansion to two more cities followed shortly after.

In 1982, Roger and 2 other towers got together and determined the need of a State Towing Association. So they founded APTRA, Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association. Roger has served as President to this Association. He has always promoted the industry and has always tried to educate the others to work smarter and be profitable.

One day Roger decided to buy an airplane. He and a pilot friend flew a commercial flight to Florida, bought a plane and flew it back to Arizona. Now, he owned a plane but could not fly it. But keeping in mind his belief in dedication and hard work it didn’t take very long before he had his Private Pilot’s License.

Another expansion took place in 1988 with a move to Phoenix, AZ. This move provided Barnett’s Towing with now 5 locations in the State of Arizona. Barnett’s Propane is located in 3 cities in Arizona. This year represents 48 years in business. Currently, the insurance companies have over 80 pieces of equipment insured. The vehicle storage for Barnett’s covers over 20 acres of property. Barnett’s Towing has current employees that have been Wreckmaster Top 10 of the Year, National Driving Competition Runner-up, and the only TRAA Level 3 certified Tower in the State of Arizona. Roger is married to Barbara and has 5 children: Troy, Kody, Keith, Darryl and Deanna.

Roger’s latest interest is with our National Security. Roger and his wife, Barbara, and brother, Donald, spend most every weekend at the Cross Rail Ranch. The ranch is a working cattle ranch and was purchased by Roger in 1995. The 22,000 acre ranch is about 1 mile from the Mexico/United States border in Southeastern Arizona. His small squad patrols the ranch and have actually observed and reported over 14,000 illegal border crossers in the last 10 years. The United States Border Patrol responds to his call and picks up the illegal aliens and ships them back to their country of origin. In the last 10 years they have actually stopped shipments of drugs from entering the United States numerous times. Roger believes that the citizens of the United States have the right to protect their property and in doing so supports the Constitution of the United States. He feels “It is time we take our Country back.”   

Troy Barnett

Troy Barnett

Troy E. Barnett is an Arizona native and has lived in Sierra Vista since 1963. He has worked for Barnett's full time since 1981. Troy grew up with the business and rode with his father, Roger, on a regular routine. At the age of 5, Troy had to ride along with some Ambulance drivers in the tow truck. No one was available to drive the tow truck. Troy told the drivers where and how to hook up the vehicle. As the call was completed Roger arrived and confirmed a proper hook up.

Troy was a frequent rider with the fuel delivery truck and many customers had cookies waiting for the little boy that rode in the delivery truck.

Upon graduation from High School, Troy went to College in Phoenix. After a year he returned back home to work full time. Troy has served in all the officers' positions to include President of APGA (Arizona Propane Gas Association). He is the past  president of APTRA (Arizona Professional Towing and Recovery Association), a position he held for over 5 years. He is currently the vice-president of APTRA. Most recently Troy was elected to the Board of Directors and is the 2nd VP of ITRHFM (International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee). The ITRHFM is the only Museum of its kind for the Towing Industry. It is home to the most history and memorabilia ever collected for the industry. Every year a small number of candidates are inducted to the Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame. This is one of the greatest honors someone in the Towing Industry could bestow.

Troy currently holds a certification of Level III from the Towing and Recovery Association of America. This Level is Master Tower/Heavy Recovery Specialist. Troy was the first in Arizona to receive this certification and to date is the only one with it. He is also WreckMaster certified Level 45 and was Honored in 2002 for Top Ten WreckMasters of the Year.

Troy believes in training and providing his employees with the best tools possible to do the job. He believes that the Barnett companies are the leaders in their industries and it shows in the pride displayed in the personnel and equipment.

Troy has two children. The children are already telling their dad what they want to do in the company. Troy is a Melanoma Cancer survivor and is very open to talk about his experiences with this disease. Please consult with your dermatologist at least once a year. Skin Cancers are common in the South Western part of the United States.


Roger Barnett began Barnett's Propane, LLC in 1963 when he added a fuel oil delivery truck to the already existing Barnett's Towing, LLC. He would deliver fuel oil to local trailer parks, found that it was a good match to the towing side of the business, and thus Barnett's Propane grew. Currently, Barnett's Propane LLC services over 3000 residential and hundreds of commercial accounts. The Propane division has 7 Propane Delivery Trucks (Bobtails), 4 Flatbed Trucks with Knuckle Boom Cranes, and 7…