What Builders Need to Know About Propane

When homebuyers look at available listings, they typically compare things like architectural style, lot size, price, and the number of rooms. For builders, it’s far more complex. Factors like the grade of the ground, the water table, and the distance to the road are all issues that can affect major decisions of the building process. But there’s at least one issue that builders can entrust to other contractors: The home’s energy source. When you build with propane, you can choose a reliable and experienced propane contractor to handle the details for you.


Benefits of Propane

Propane is a great choice for builders because homebuyers understand its value. Propane is energy-efficient and cost-efficient. It’s a safe choice, and there’s no need to worry about groundwater contamination. It’s also eco-friendly, which is critically important to many homebuyers these days.


Location of the Propane Tank

Another advantage of using propane is that the tank won’t take up space in the basement, unlike an oil tank. And in fact, the propane tank could even be hidden out of view. A propane tank can be installed underground or above ground. It could be installed quite a long ways away from the house itself, and concealed behind landscaping. When you meet with the propane contractor, he or she will discuss your options for tank placement. Choose a location that will be out of sight as a person approaches the house from the front.


Size of the Propane Tank

The propane contractor will recommend an appropriate size of tank based on the square footage of the building. For most homes, a 250-gallon propane tank is ideal. This size accommodates a whole-house system that can use propane for heating, cooking, and pool heating.


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