Troubleshooting Your Propane Stove

Propane is economical and efficient, but your propane appliances are still vulnerable to malfunctions. If you notice your propane stove leaking or running low on fuel, or if you detect blockages, you’ll need to act as soon as you can. If you’re having problems with your propane stove, continue reading for some troubleshooting tips.


There are a couple of ways you can tell if your propane stove has suffered a leak. First you can look at the amount of fuel it has been using. If it seems like fuel is disappearing even though you’re not using your stove so frequently, then you probably have a leak. A leak can also weaken the flame, which is another sign to look for. Look for signs of a leak by the joint between the tank and the stove. You should also inspect the rest of the system, including the pipes themselves and the connectors. There is no natural reason for a leak, so you should talk to your professional to have this problem fixed.

Low Fuel

If your propane stove isn’t getting enough fuel, this could also be the effect of a leak. However, you might just be running out of propane. Try filling your tank back up and see if your stove starts working normally again. The stove won’t work right if it’s not getting the fuel it needs, and this is often the culprit. If you fill your tank up and your stove still doesn’t work right, then the problem lies elsewhere.


Propane stoves are just as vulnerable to clogs and blockages as other appliances, and they can occur due to normal use. Obstructions could cause problems with your jets or your igniter, so look at your instruction manual and talk to the professionals for assistance.

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