How to Teach Children About Propane with Propane Kids

Propane is widely regarded as being among the safest types of fuel that you can use in the home. However, in the rare event that one of your propane tanks springs a leak, you will need to evacuate your family to safety. If you are a parent, consider teaching your kids about propane safety using activities from Propane Kids. Here is a quick guide to some propane safety activities that you can perform with your children.

Perform a Household Safety Inspection

Education is key when you are keeping your kids safe around propane. After you receive your first propane tank delivery, take the time to include your kids in a household safety inspection. During the safety inspection, you can talk to your children about the various ways that you use propane in the home. By demonstrating how your propane system works, you can help to keep your children safe.

Create an Emergency Plan

If your propane tank does start to leak, you will need to have an emergency plan in place for your family. To make sure that your kids know what to do in the event of a propane emergency, have them practice the steps of your emergency evacuation plan. You can also ask your children to create safety signs to put up in key areas around your home.

Demonstrate the Power of Gas

Young children may not be aware that gaseous substances can travel rapidly through enclosed spaces. To show your children the power of gas, you can perform a gas safety activity. With your child standing across the room, spray a scent in the air. Ask your son or daughter to count down until the smell reaches their area of the room.

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