Should You Convert to Propane?

If you currently rely on electric power for a variety of your home appliances, you may be surprised at the benefits of converting to propane. Propane is a great alternative for affordable home power for a wide range of uses and offers the perfect solution to homeowners who want gas power but can’t access natural gas in their areas. Should you consider converting to propane? Here are some of the signs that propane could be right for you.

You are searching for a lower-cost energy solution.

Propane offers the same reliability you expect from electric appliances, but with a much lower operating cost. For example, you could save up to 50% annually on the cost of heating your water when you switch to a propane water heater from an electric model. Propane allows for better energy efficiency for all of your appliances, from furnaces to ovens, so you can drastically reduce you energy costs across your home by making the switch to propane.

You want the security of power without electricity.

One of the most frustrating parts of relying on electricity is that you are helpless when the power goes out. With propane, your appliances will keep working even when your lights aren’t. That means you can still do your laundry, cook dinner for your family, and shower, even during extended power outages, such as those that occur after severe weather. Anyone who has ever endured long-term outages will tell you that you should do everything you can to avoid the inconveniences, including taking advantage of the security of propane.

You want to embrace a greener lifestyle.

Using propane for energy is more environmentally friendly than using electricity. Appliances that use propane produce significantly less greenhouse gas emissions, so you can feel good about making the switch. Converting to propane is a great way to keep your commitment to being a greener household.

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