Separating Truth From Fiction When It Comes to Propane

If you are looking for an eco friendly fuel source that is also safe and affordable, you may want to make the switch to propane. Propane can be used to power your cooking appliances, heating equipment, and many other systems around your home or office. Consumers who are new to using propane should educate themselves about the facts about this renewable fuel source. Let’s separate truth from fiction about propane.

Fact: Propane is extremely popular.

Propane is a fuel source that can be useful throughout your residential or commercial space. In the past two decades, in fact, Americans have consumed more than 19.6 billion gallons of propane annually. A little more than half of this amount went to commercial and industrial uses, while the other half was used by residential homeowners. Due to its fantastic safety and efficiency, propane is a very popular alternative fuel source.

Myth: Propane is difficult to store.

When you are getting ready for your first propane delivery, you may have questions about how you will store your gas once it has arrived at your home or commercial building. Your propane will be delivered into a sealed , safe tank that can be installed in a convenient location on your property. You will find that your propane storage takes up little space at your home or business.

Fact: Propane is very safe.

Safety is key when you are picking out a fuel source to use in your household appliances and equipment. Over the years, propane powered appliances have demonstrated an excellent track record for safety and compliance. You can rest assured that the propane that gets delivered to your home is extremely safe for your residential use.

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