See How Propane Transports America

While you may be familiar with the many uses of propane throughout your home, you may be surprised to find out that the transportation industry in the United States also relies heavily on propane. Clean-burning propane is used as an alternative fuel source for buses, trucks, forklifts, and many other commercial vehicles. Read on for an overview of the role that propane plays in America’s transportation industry.

Thousands of propane fuel stations exist across the country.

As a testament to the important role that propane plays in transporting the country, it is now estimated that there are more than 4,100 propane fuel stations in the United States. Commercial drivers use these stations to fuel up their propane-powered vehicles during longer trips down the road. As propane’s popularity expands, you can expect to see more propane stations in the coming years.

Propane vehicles are very safe and efficient.

One of the top reasons that propane is being used to transport many products and materials in our country is that this fuel source has been proven to be incredibly efficient, safe, and long lasting. Since propane emits few fumes when it is combusted, it is also an environmentally-friendly fuel source for commercial transportation operations.

Propane fuels our municipal transit systems.

Many American cities now have buses and taxi fleets that are fueled exclusively by propane. By making the switch to propane, municipal transit agencies have been able to reduce their fueling expenses, while also reducing their carbon emissions. With its terrific efficiency, propane allows buses and other large vehicles to travel farther before they have to refuel. As a result of the growing popularity of propane for transportation, more motor companies are creating propane vehicles for their commercial lineups.

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