Safe Handling Tips for Propane

Propane is known as a safe and clean fuel, but you still must handle it properly if you want to avoid accidents. Never handle propane while using an open flame, and don’t open the supply valve if you suspect a leak. If you have any questions, remember that you can always consult your propane professionals for assistance. Here are a couple of safe handling tips for propane.

Put Out the Flames

If you’re going to be handling propane, then you shouldn’t have any open flames nearby. Even smoking a cigarette while handling a propane tank can be extremely dangerous, so extinguish all flames in the vicinity when you handle yours. As safe, clean, and efficient as propane is, it’s still a fuel source that can be ignited when it encounters an open flame.

Don’t Open Supply Valve

A propane leak has a smell to it, but just because the smell goes away doesn’t mean the problem goes away with it. Don’t open the tank’s supply valve after a leak, even if you don’t smell anything. Until the appropriate authorities have checked out the area, stay in open and clean air.

Call the Propane Experts

If you find yourself in a disaster or are suspicious that something might be wrong with your propane tank, call your propane professionals immediately. Of course, you have to get yourself to safety first, but don’t hesitate to call the experts once you’re in the clear. Keep in mind that there might still be danger even if you can’t smell the propane anymore, so make sure the area is safe to enter again after a leak.


Contact your Tucson propane specialists as soon as you have a problem in order to keep everyone safe and your appliances working properly. Call Barnett Propane in Tucson at (520) 628-8525 or in Sierra Vista at (520) 458-4541 for more information or propane delivery services.