Reasons Your Restaurant Should Consider Making the Switch to Propane

Are you fed up with the inefficiency of natural gas? Tired of waiting for your electric stovetops to heat up? It’s time to think about switching your restaurant to propane. Propane is an ideal choice for eateries, as it’s convenient, offers precise control over cooking, and is highly reliable.

Precision Control

Cooking is equal parts art and science, and it’s only natural for chefs to want to see the flame they’re cooking with. Electric stovetops and ranges don’t allow this, and they are less easily controlled compared to propane appliances. The flame of a propane-fueled stovetop also allows the heat to distribute more evenly across the cooking surface. Unlike electric stovetops, gas-fired flame cooking heats the bottom and the sides of the cooking pot or skillet simultaneously.


For busy restaurant owners, time saved is money earned. Diners are impressed not only with delicious food, but also with speedy service. They’re much more likely to recommend a restaurant to their friends if they received their orders promptly. If your restaurant makes the switch to propane, you’ll have an edge over your competitors who are still using electric appliances. Electric heating elements take time to warm up, but gas-fired stovetops instantly start cooking the second you turn the knob.


Power outages can be little more than an inconvenience for an average homeowner, but for a restaurant owner, they can be costly. If you can’t continue to prepare food for your customers, they’ll go elsewhere. Appliances that run on propane can still be lit during a power outage. This allows you to cash in on the crowd of hungry folks in your area who would rather not cook at home during a power outage.


Barnett’s Propane makes it easy for your restaurant to make the switch, with our affordable and reliable propane delivery services, including wholesale delivery and auto-fill options. You can speak with a friendly staff member by calling our location in Tucson at (520) 628-8525 or in Sierra Vista at (520) 458-4541.