Reasons to Choose Propane for Your New-Build Home

Planning a new-build home is an exercise in smart decision-making. With a new construction home, you can tweak the floor plan to your heart’s desire and customize every last detail. But while you’re selecting the perfect cabinet finish, and choosing between carpeting and hardwood, don’t neglect to consider your home’s energy source. There are several reasons why propane is the ideal choice for new construction homes.

You can conceal a propane tank underground.

Propane is a particularly good choice for new construction homes because the building process is an ideal time to do a little extra digging on the property. Talk to the propane contractor about the ideal location for installing that bulky propane tank underground. This will conceal the tank from view, making your property more aesthetically appealing.

Propane can fuel your tankless water heater.

You may have chosen a tankless water heater for your modern home. They’re becoming increasingly popular, thanks to their long-term cost savings, energy efficiency, and convenience. You’ll always have hot water when you need it—there’s no need to worry about using up everything in the tank. Plus, with propane fueling your tankless water heater, you could save even more on your energy costs.

Propane is listed as a clean fuel with minimal environmental impact.

Propane has a low carbon content. When you use propane in your new construction home, you’re reducing the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. Propane is also a safe choice for the local environment. In the event the tank ever leaks, propane won’t harm the soil or water.

Propane can enhance your property value.

You probably won’t think about moving out of your new home for quite a while. But when the time comes, your home may sell easier and for more money if it’s fueled with propane. In the event you decide never to leave your home, your heirs will appreciate your selection of propane.

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