Propane Use During Wildfire Season: Facts for Homeowners

Propane use is safe and efficient year round, but during wildfire season, it is important to take special precautions. A few extra steps will ensure that you can continue to use your propane without worry when the risk of fires is high. Keep these safety precautions in mind when you use your propane during spring, summer, and into the fall, when wildfires have the highest chance of occurring.

Scalp the Grass

The area around the propane tank should not have any high vegetation or other combustibles such as firewood or building materials The first step is to scalp the grass. This process involves cutting the grass very short around the tank so that bare ground is exposed. After you have cut the grass as short as you can, apply weed and grass killer to ensure that vegetation does not grow back. Additionally, spread gravel or another base material around the tank to further suppress vegetation growth. Any vegetation that appears on the tank poses a fire risk.

Ensure Your Tank Is Reflective

Reflective colors on your propane tank will reduce the chance of a dangerous pressure buildup. Barnett’s only uses reflective white enamel paint on our propane tanks. If you need a new layer of paint on your customer owned tank, Barnett’s recommends only an oil based white enamel in order to prevent excessive pressure and possible venting of the relief valve which could lead to an explosion and fire.

Follow Tank Placement Guidelines

Tanks should never be moved into garages or otherwise inside a structure, even in the case that fire threatens. If you do have to evacuate during fire season, leave your tank away from your home and any other structures and let your tank supplier know that you are leaving.

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