Propane Safety Issues to Consider During Fire Season

Wildfire season in Arizona lasts from the spring through the summer. This year, officials are predicting a more dangerous and busier wildfire season than in previous years, due to the increased amounts of dry fuel to feed wildfires that spark in southern Arizona. Every Arizona resident needs to do their part to prevent wildfires. There are some special precautions you can take if you have a propane tank.

Reduce the growth of vegetation around the tank.

Mowing might not be enough to curb the growth of grass and weeds around your propane tank. Propane experts recommend “scalping” the vegetation. In other words, there should be bare ground around the tank. After cutting the vegetation as close to the ground as possible, you can apply a weed and grass herbicide to the area. You could also spread gravel around the tank to prevent the new growth of vegetation.

Check the condition of your propane tank.

Ideally, your propane tank should be painted white. This is to provide a reflective surface. Never paint your tank a different color. Periodically, you should inspect your tank to check that there is no rust and the paint isn’t starting to peel. If it is, call the propane company to have it repainted.

Know what to do if your family must evacuate.

For safety’s sake, evacuate your family promptly if officials issue either a voluntary or mandatory evacuation warning. If you wait too long, you might not be able to get out safely. If you act quickly, you may have enough time to safeguard your tank before evacuating. Locate the knob underneath the tank lid. Turn it clockwise to close it. Inside your home, close all appliance valves and gas valves. If you have propane cylinders, move them away from your home and other structures.


Barnett’s Propane maintains an enduring commitment to the highest standards of safety. We have a live person available 24/7 to answer urgent questions about safety situations. If you have any questions about our propane delivery services, you can call our office in Tucson at (520) 628-8525 or in Sierra Vista at (520) 458-4541.