Propane Safety for Businesses

Countless businesses around the world have benefited from using propane as a fuel source. It’s essential to keep in mind, however, that propane is a flammable substance that must be handled carefully. If you don’t know how to take proper care when using propane, it could result in a serious accident. Here are some safety tips for using propane:

Learn the smell of propane.

Propane has an artificial smell that is added during the manufacturing process so that it can easily be identified. You won’t easily miss the smell of propane: It has a strong and highly distinctive odor that many people find unpleasant. Make sure that you and anyone else who works in your building knows how to identify the smell of propane so that all of you can tell when there’s a leak.

Install a propane gas detector.

While knowing what propane smells like will help you identify some leaks, you may miss others. That’s why it’s important to have a propane gas detector in your building, so you can enjoy peace of mind that you’ll never overlook a potentially hazardous leak. Make sure that your gas detector has been installed properly and in keeping with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Call for a yearly inspection.

In order to ensure that your propane appliances stay safe for you to use at your business, it’s essential that you have them inspected by an experienced technician from time to time. Schedule a yearly visit from a propane technician to check all of your propane appliances, and be sure to have any new appliances installed by a professional so you can be sure that installation is done correctly.


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