Roger Barnett began Barnett’s Propane, LLC in 1963 when he added a fuel oil delivery truck to the already existing Barnett’s Towing, LLC. He would deliver fuel oil to local trailer parks, found that it was a good match to the towing side of the business, and thus Barnett’s Propane grew. Currently, Barnett’s Propane LLC services over 3000 residential and hundreds of commercial accounts. The Propane division has 7 Propane Delivery Trucks (Bobtails), 4 Flatbed Trucks with Knuckle Boom Cranes, and 7 Propane Tractor Trailer Transports.

In 1977, Roger expanded the business to Tucson, AZ. Along the way, he also established a propane island in Benson, AZ, which services several commercial accounts and the people of Benson with their small bottle fills. To date, Barnett’s Propane is currently located in three cities in Arizona.

In 1981, Roger’s son Troy Barnett became a full-time employee within the company. Over the years, Troy has furthered the company by pushing safety and standards in the industry. Together, he and Roger were instrumental in passing Arizona Statute: 36-1624.01 which involves the illegal filling of propane containers.

Barnett’s Propane is a member of the National Propane Gas Association of America & the Arizona Propane Gas Association, as well as an active participant in firefighter training by simulating propane emergencies. Troy served as president of the Arizona Propane Gas Association from 2003-2005. By continuing to be up-to-date with current standards and practices, Barnett’s Propane, LLC is a leader in the propane industry.