Flash Flood Safety 101: What Propane Users Should Know

A major concern for anyone who relies on propane for energy is what to do when a flood occurs. Any kind of flooding can be problematic, but the unexpected nature of flash floods can create unique challenges. If you live in an area where flash flooding is a concern, here is what you need to know about keeping your propane take secure.

Make Sure Your Tank Is Secure

Below-ground tanks have built-in reinforcement to deal with flooding issues, but for above-ground tanks, you should make sure your tank is secured at all times. There are special products you can use to anchor propane tanks to prevent them from floating away. Talk to your propane provider if you think your tank is in an area in which flooding is possible to see if there are any special anchoring tools or techniques you should use. If you know that bad weather is approaching, calling your propane company to fill your tank will also help to secure it, since full tanks are less likely to float.

Take a Picture of Your Tank

It is helpful to have a picture of the nameplate on your propane tank that you keep with your important documents. If flash flooding causes your tank to float away, having this picture will help you get it back. Notify your propane provider as soon as possible if your tank was dislodged during flooding.

Know the Signs of a Gas Leak

Flooding increases the chances of a gas leak occurring. Pay close attention to signs like the smell of rotten eggs or lines that have become disconnected. Turn off the main gas supply and leave the area immediately. Call your propane company to inspect your tank, reconnect any lines, and ensure that the entire system is free of leaks.

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