FAQs and Answers About Propane Delivery

If you rely on propane for power, then you rely on your propane delivery provider. It’s common for propane users to have questions about their deliveries and getting the most from their propane services. Your propane delivery company will be happy to answer any questions you have. This look at the answers to questions that consumers have most often will also help you.

Why can I see propane coming out of my tank while being filled?

Homeowners sometimes panic when they see propane spewing from their tanks when it is being filled. However, rest assured that the process is safe and that the escaped propane is no accident. Every propane tank has a bleeder valve that is used to tell the delivery person when the tank is filled. These bleeder values release liquid when the propane tank is filled to 80% of its capacity, which is the maximum recommended liquid fill capacity of propane tanks. When you see the propane coming out of the bleeder valve, your tank is not spilling, you are not losing propane that you are paying for, and you are not at risk of an accident.

Why did my propane level go down dramatically after delivery?

Sometimes, homeowners notice that the propane level in their tank is much less just a few days after delivery than the amount that was delivered. There are a few reasons that this can happen. One is that the propane was delivered at the hottest time of the day, when the gas is expanded, and you check the tank at a cooler time, when it has contracted. Another reason is that the face valve is not as accurate as the bleeder valve used to measure tank fills, so it may be giving you a lower reading than is actually in the tank. Lastly, your tank could have a leak. This is the least common cause, but if you notice a pattern, call your propane supplier.

Is propane delivery safe?

Your propane delivery company can explain their safety standards to you, but yes, both delivery and propane use are safe. Ask your delivery company about the things you can do, such as keeping the grass near your tank short, to improve safety even more.

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