Comparing Tank Exchanges and Tank Refilling

If you are planning on firing up your propane grill during the coming season, now is a good time to plan on heading to your Barnett’s refill station. To achieve the best return on your investment, tank refilling is usually the right option for your needs. Here is a quick comparison of the relative benefits of tank exchanges and tank refills.

Cost Effectiveness

When you are seeking the ultimate in cost effectiveness for your propane bbq cylinder, tank refilling may be your ideal option. Typically, a tank refill is several dollars cheaper than exchanging a tank at a service station or other businesses that offer propane. Additionally you get your grill tank refilled with 20 lbs of fuel instead of 15 lbs., which is what most exchange cylinders contain. This is 25% MORE FUEL for your grilling time.

Amount of Product

In order to keep your grill up and running for many hours of cooking time, you will need to make sure that you maximize the amount of propane product that enters your tank. During a tank refill, your technician will be able to fill your tank all the way to the top. If you opt for a tank exchange, you will have no way of verifying whether your tank is completely full.

Overall Value

Overall value is key when you are choosing how to replace the propane that you use to grill. If you want the ultimate level of value for your propane needs, you will want to work with a propane company that provides refill services. By taking your cylinder in for a refill you will be assured of getting the most value for your dollar.

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