Comparing Propane and Natural Gas

If you are gearing up for the summer grilling season, chances are that you may be in need of propane delivery for your grill. When you are choosing a fuel source for your outdoor kitchen, you will typically have propane and natural gas as your two main options. With its terrific safety and portability, propane is a great choice for many applications around the home. Read on for a quick comparison of propane and natural gas.

Energy Efficiency

When you are comparing the relative benefits of propane and natural gas, it is helpful to look at the relative energy efficiency of each type of fuel source. While natural gas rates at an efficiency of about 97 cubit feet per 100,000 BTU/hr, propane is able to achieve the same level of performance with only 40 cubic feet of fuel. With its great energy efficiency, propane is a great choice for your grill.

Average Cost

As a wise consumer, you are probably thinking of cost as primary point of comparison between natural gas and propane. While fuel prices can vary from season to season, you may often find that propane is offered at a lower price per unit than natural gas. Since your propane delivery will be established with a reputable company, you can rest assured that you are getting a fair price.

Environmental Impact

In order to go green with your household fueling, you will need to choose a fuel source that does not emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Natural gas releases toxic greenhouse gasses when it is burned for fuel. By contrast, propane is completely clean burning and friendly on the environment.

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