What Are the Commercial Applications of Propane?

Homeowners have been using propane to fuel their homes for years, but there are more benefits to reap than just residential use. You can use Barnett’s propane to keep your building up and running, to fuel your fleet, or even as a substitute for pesticides. Keep reading for more on the commercial applications of propane.

Supplying Your Building

No matter what type of company you own, you need fuel for your building. If you’re wondering how you can keep your commercial or industrial building comfortable for your employees and your customers, you might want to turn to propane. You can use this source of fuel to heat and cool your space or refrigerate and then cook food in your restaurant, and there is a plethora of other uses as well.

Fueling Your Vehicles

You can use propane to fuel just about any kind of vehicle, and smart companies are catching onto this tip. Autogas is the name for commercial propane that’s used to fuel vehicles like taxis, trucks, and buses. When more people switch to propane, air pollution decreases, making it an especially attractive fuel for metro areas. Propane can even extend the working life of your engine in addition to cutting down on your fuel costs.

Replacing Pesticides

Farmers need to get rid of pests to protect their crops, but pests are always becoming resistant to chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. Propane can be used in flame cultivation, which can be better for farmers’ wallets as well as the environment. Consider propane if you’ve been thinking about flame cultivation.

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