Commercial Applications for Propane

Propane is a versatile fuel source, and it’s a popular option for residential and commercial applications. You can use propane to heat your school or hospital, fuel up your fleet of commercial vehicles, or power your backup generator in case of a power outage. Here’s a closer look at some of the commercial applications for propane.

Energy Efficient Heating
People know propane as a clean burning fuel, which means it’s better for the environment and helps cut down on pollution. It’s also a great way to save energy and money when heating a commercial business. Propane can be used to keep schools, restaurants, and churches warm throughout the cold months of the year. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the process, then consider switching to propane for your commercial heating.

Fueling the Fleet
Powering your HVAC systems isn’t the only commercial application for propane. You can also use propane to fuel your commercial vehicles. From buses and delivery trucks to forklifts and construction trucks, propane is often the fuel of choice. This kind of propane use helps reduce pollution by keeping commercial vehicles from contaminating the air—though it doesn’t eliminate pollution, it does a better job of keeping the air clean than other types of fuel.

Powering Backup Generators
A power outage can be a catastrophe for your commercial business, which is why you always need a backup plan. You can fuel your backup generators with propane to keep business up and running, even when your primary source of fuel fails.

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