Answering Questions About Propane Safety

Propane is considered a safer form of fuel as compared to many of its alternatives, not only for the people who handle it, but also for the environment. In order to stay safe while working with propane, however, you do need to know what kinds of problems to anticipate and how to handle them if they should occur. Keep reading as we answer a few questions about propane safety.

What happens if I smell a leak?
If you smell a leak, the first thing you should do is evacuate the area and get yourself to safety. Propane itself is completely odorless, which is why a strong smell is added to the fuel in case there is a leak. You should turn the gas off immediately if you can, but the first order of priority should be to get yourself and your family to safety and report the leak to the appropriate authorities.

When should I maintain my propane tank?
A regular maintenance schedule adds to your efficiency as well as your safety, but when exactly is it time to have your tank checked out? It’s a good idea to have your propane professionals inspect your tank, regulator and leak test the piping system once per season, especially just before the start of the cold season.

Should I keep flames away from my propane?
It’s true that propane is a safer fuel choice, but it’s still a gas and should be treated as such. This means you should never approach your propane tank with an open flame. This includes cigarettes, lighters, and outdoor fires. When a pilot light goes out, you should follow manufacturer’s instructions when attempting to relight it. If it doesn’t relight immediately, call a professional to have it inspected.

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