A Look at the Eco-Friendly Benefits of Heating and Cooling with Propane

If you use propane to power your grill, then you already know how convenient and easy it is to use. But did you know you can use propane for appliances throughout your home? In fact, anything that requires electricity can run on propane power, including air conditioners. This makes it a great choice for heating your water supply and cooling your home during those hot summer months. Plus, propane is incredibly environmentally friendly! Here’s a look at the eco-friendly benefits of heating and cooling with propane.

Propane-powered appliances can last longer.

Did you know that a propane furnace has an average lifespan of 15 to 20 years? This is about five to 10 years more than the typical non-propane heat pump. That means fewer old heating appliances cluttering up landfills. It also reduces the manufacturing-related effects on the environment. And of course, making your furnace last longer reduces your overall costs of maintaining your home. Just be sure to get your HVAC system serviced regularly, or you’ll shorten the lifespan of any furnace.

Chemistry proves propane is environmentally friendly.

Propane is a liquefied version of petroleum gas. It’s often referred to as LPG. Propane has a low carbon content, and when it’s used for fuel, it doesn’t produce any greenhouse gas emissions. This means that homes powered by propane are doing their part to reduce carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons in the environment. As further proof of the eco-friendly benefits of propane, just take a look at the 1990 Clean Air Act. This document lists propane as a clean fuel. Unlike other fuel sources, like coal, propane is nontoxic and doesn’t contribute to acid rain.

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